BMW 3 Series 2012 28i luxury line
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2012 BMW 328i review

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I bought this car second hand in January 2016. It only had done about 37500km. I had been driving a Colorado LTZ 4x4 for about 15 months and, whilst practical in many respects, it was not great for my back. I was doing about 45000km per year, so comfort was becoming very important.

My wife had recently bought a 2008 320D, which was really comfortable and such a pleasure to drive, even with 192,000km on the odometer when we bought it. I was impressed that it was in such good nick after so many kilometres, so I was looking for something similar for me.

The 2012 model was the first of the F30 series. The first thing that grabbed me was the colour - Imperial Blue with Dakota leather interior. A very nice combination. The all-over design and style of this series BMW was fantastic and it was slightly bigger than the E90. There was some minor scuff marks over the left rear wheel arch but you had to get up close to notice.

The test drive was on pretty decent roads, so was quick, comfortable and handled really well. With 18-inch wheels on run-flats, the ride was still pretty good, but as I said, I was on pretty good roads. The twin scroll turbo 2.0-litre engine felt as smooth as any 6-cylinder I have ever driven and the 8-speed transmission was also so smooth.

Mine is the Luxury Line and it has some nice features, such as memory electric driver's seat and electric passenger seat, sunroof and adaptive drive modes, but didn't have a reverse camera or anything flash. Saying that, it did have reverse sensors with a graphic which worked just as well for me. It was actually less kitted out than my wife's E90 320D Executive.

All in all, given the price, I got a pretty good deal. It even had a 1 year warranty and the dealer put on new front tyres and tinted the windows.

Ride and handling was nice on good roads, but once I took it onto B roads I started to understand the review comments about the harshness of the ride. The 18-inch run-flats certainly provided direct communication about every bump on the road! Sometimes, when hitting a small pot hole, it felt like the front end was about to fall off - but that has not happened and I have hit some bad bumps over the years. The suspension has held up with no issues detected, but the E90, with 16-inch wheels, is more comfy on the B roads.

Wind noise at higher speeds on freeways and highways is certainly noticeable and run-flats tend to be noisy too. But nothing so bad that you cannot hear yourself talking or anything - just more noticeable than you would expect in a higher-end luxury vehicle.

I have had it serviced by an independent mechanic each time, so it has not been too costly to service. I haven't really had any major bills either. There was an issue with the paint bubbling and peeling on the front bumper but the dealer took care of that.

I mainly do freeway driving to work, so I have averaged about 6.8 litres per 100 kilometres. All in all, it has been quite an economical vehicle. I do keep a spreadsheet of all expenses for tax purposes and can say that it is actually a lot more economical and less expensive to maintain than the Colorado was!

There isn't much I can say by way of what improvements could be done, as the car is now 7 years old and the new series has been launched with heaps of kit as standard.

I have clocked over 180,000km now and it doesn't feel any different to the day I bought it.

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