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2012 Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro (130kw) Review

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Love my Audi Q3, amazing fuel economy (diesel). Drives beautifully, and corners the road, plenty of get up and go. Perfect for my bad back a I dont have to get up into it nor get down low. The diesel is a bit sluggish at times át slow speeds taking off, compared to petrol, however the pay off for fuel savings is worth it. The start & stop function used to be on over ride as it would stop & not restart at times?

Audi has just done extensive testing over 3 days within the warranty period with this issue that is fickle at best. The remote control for the garage door voids the start, stop feature, as does about 17 issues, such as engine is too cold, not enough air humidity & various nuances.

This issue is particular to all Audis with this. So having said that I now let it stay on start, stop as the fuel savings are amazing. My only real beef that would deter me from buying another Q3 is the rear hatch catch that has a trap door to cover it.

Problem is the edges are as sharp as a knife and you cannot modify the design. So if you catch your fingers there you will be cut to the bone, as one of my poor dogs did when she stood on it getting into the car.

For those with dogs this is a '"massive design fault" as they will stand on the trap door all the time. Having known this I would not have bought the car, but a BMW (X1 / X3) instead that didnt handle any where as well.