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2012 Abarth 500 ESSE Review

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It is so fun to drive. I have done a few mods, but want more power. I have gotten two speeding tickets already, but still enjoying my car.

I have had no problems what so ever and would definitely buy another. I also have a Maserati GT, and am planning to buy the Alfa Giulia Cloverleaf, and a Maserati Levante SUV, but will trade my RR Sport for this.

The car has been good on tires, I have my second set on now. I currently have Yokohama's, but plan on switching to Michelin Pilots. I ordered the car with leather seat, and they are wearing very well. I also have the sun roof, and love to drive it with it open. I did not go back to the dealer I bought it from, because he did not want to do any mods to the car, but I found a dealer who did all my work including Brembos, lighter pulley, coil overs, actuator valve, cold air intake, spacers, engine brace, and a few other things.

I sometimes get my CEL light coming on, but nothing happens, it eventually goes off by its self, but it has never really bother me.

I drive this car more than my Maserati. Is so much fun to drive, park and looks awesome on the road . Would love to get the dog box, but it is not available where I live .

I hope this review helps Fiat to sell more Abarth, as this is an awesome little rocket to fly.