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2011 VOLVO S60 T4

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Ok. I have rated this car pretty high. But you need to understand I looked for a car to fit my purpose. This one came top.

Price: For the base model (T4) which I bought, the value is mind boggling. About the only thing I really wanted that didn't come standard was the navigation. Compared to its competitors, it is unbelievable that this car comes in under $50k. I priced the BMW 320 with the same features and... Well, I wasn't going to pay over $60k for a car with less power. This car is a serious package for its price.

Performance: yes, it does suffer a problem with the transmission. Off the line, it really does leave a lot to be desired. But you can overcome it by changing how you apply the power. If you don't get too aggressive it is fine. It really comes into its own when on the go. It has tremendous up and go while overtaking.

The fuel economy in the city has run up as high as 10. But I drove from Sydney to Melbourne and it was as low as 5.4. Yes, you read that right. Its problem here is in city traffic, the constant stop go is not suited to a small engine in a large car with a turbo. Get into cruise, and the economy is brilliant. I am sitting at about 7.8 now.

Style & Comfort... Ummm... $&@$... It is a damn fine looking car and the comfort is beyond anything I have felt before (I owned an A4).

Overall I disagree with the above reviewer stating the ride is a little stiff. No, it's not. It is stiff, but not overly stiff. It is at that point where you actually feel connected to the car and road but not so stiff you feel every pebble like you do in the C30. If you are buying a car for the status symbol, you will go buy the Merc, BMW or Audi. Personally, this car makes me want to drive. Not bad for under $50k.