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2011 Volkswagen Scirocco R Review

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Your walking around the dealership, and after a little while everything looks the same...then it grabs your attention, low slung, wide, curvy Beyoncé like hips, the 19 inch rims fill the guards and callipers that suggest this thing can do something special.

So you jump in, and within 30 seconds of the test drive, you know this is it.

After 3 years of ownership you still catch yourself just staring at it and you reflect on your experience over this time.

As a spirited driver I have found that the Scirocco is a car capable of the abilities of sports cars worth twice as much, it's a car that gets better the harder you drive it. Coupled with the questionably reliable DSG gear box, the Megane RS driver next to me just can't keep up, I get him at every gear shift and he's reminded each time with a lively 'Braaap'. After all I've thrown at it, this box has never given me grief or missed a beat!

Yeah sure, it takes 98 fuel and services are capped at a relatively high $400, but the way I look at it, if you can't afford the running costs, don't buy the car.
Being a hot 'hatch', the car just doesn't get the street cred it deserves, I had one woman pull up next to me and say "that's a cute little car." Shattering for most enthusiasts, but when you remember why you bought the car none of that matters.

Sitting in the cabin, the flat bottom steering wheel and aluminium trim an 'R' badges remind and reassure that you are sitting in a proper sports car, however, the cluster does seem a bit dated and seats could be bolstered a bit more. In terms of technology, there is a voice command system that actually works, Bluetooth system is basic but straight forward and navigation system is accurate and easy to use thanks to the touch screen system.

For those in the know, it's a great car, it's something that SS or XR drivers just wouldn't understand and if they experienced it they would still prefer a thumping V8 straight line hero, but hey, we're all individuals...

For the future of the model, I'd hope to see it with a bit more power, redesigned instrument cluster and centre console along with heavier bolstered seats.
The Scirocco R is a solid all round performer and a car I would highly recommend, it definitely requires more credibility and taken more seriously. Should the next gen be released to the Aussie market I'd definitely sign up.