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  • Great look, Surprisingly quick, Luxurious, Heaps of features, Roomy
  • Sat nav, Radio, Servicing costs, Self park is a gimmick

by Darren

I had been looking at the is350 but wasn’t able to get dealerships to budge on price. Then by accident I stumbled across the Volkswagen Passat CC and was blown away by the list of features not to mention the distinctive shape that it shares/copied with Merc CLS.

I love the design, the way it drives, the cabin feel and it is genuinely quick. 0-100 in 5.6 seconds using launch control. I’m not a fan of the automatic braking so turned that off and the satellite navigation, whilst effective, doesn’t show all the street names. The radio isn’t much chop either.

The servicing costs are high but I only need to service once per year. When you actually take a look at the owners manual you keep finding features that you wouldn’t expect in a car in this price range.

It’s big enough for my family. I like that it only has 4 seats which means I have a genuine reason for not having to take my son’s mates in the car.

We have taken it on long drives for family holidays and it has enough room to make the drive comfortable whilst taking all of our luggage.

Additionally it can fit two sets of golf clubs and buggies in the boot with room to spare. My wife loves driving it and it has a luxury look about it that makes people take second glances. It ticks all of our boxes.

It’s a car that we will be keeping for some time. It won’t date looks wise and certainly from a features list, despite being 3 years old, there are still many new cars that still don’t come close.

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2011 Volkswagen Passat CC Review Review
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