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2011 Volkswagen Passat 125 TDI Highline Review

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I had this sedan for 3 years now. Build quality was very good with no sign of any rattles or squeaks initially, with time it started rattling and squeaking in the roof and dashboard areas. Dashboard insert was replaced during the short (3 Yr) Warranty period, but now I am stuck with more issues and being unable to pay for the fix.

The Blue motion technology works well most of the times, BUT there is a serious safety issue with it failing in the traffic (shutting the engine off when it is most needed, failing to start the engine when needed). When asked for a fix at the VW service, they suggested me to switch it off? and just shrug their shoulders. The minimal fuel saving is not worth risking someone's life, problem is it cannot be switched off (it comes back on every time one starts the engine). This is by far the biggest shortcoming of this car.

Overall I averaged 7.4l/100 km over a period of 3 years and just over 120,000 km. It varied from 6.5L in the open to 7.9 L in the City.

All in all it is a powerful car with a comfortable cabin, the ride is typical German (a bit hard, but reliable) and apart from the floored "Blue motion" technology it would score much higher than what it finally did.

Value for money? Considering how much they charge for Service ($650 for minor Service, $1250 for a big one) I don't think it was worth my Money.