Owner Review

2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas

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I bought my Volkswagen Golf on the basis that it won many, many awards. And on some accounts it deserves them.

The 155kW engine sounds brilliant and, although not the fastest car, it delivers peppy performance. On the other hand, it delivers shocking economy (sometimes averaging more than 15L/100km) and goes through a lot of oil.

The car is very boxy, so it's nice to see that it handles well and with confidence. It's a good car to chuck around, no doubt. It's unfortunate that the ride can get unsettled on Sydney's dreadful roads though.

Moving inside, the cabin has great initial quality and some great seats. Later on though, the dash creaks and cracks get annoying. The cabin is roomy for people under 175cm, although anyone taller will struggle. Also worth mentioning that although the car has rear air vents, virtually no air comes out of them. The boot is also perfectly fine at 350L.

The biggest problem with the Golf is the lack of reliability and value. For an expensive car, the lack of sat-nav, parking sensors/camera, and electric folding mirrors is disappointing. The touchscreen you do get is also basic and lacking in quality. Then there's the poorly made air vents that snap off, the parcel shelf that falls off and more concerning, the DSG transmission that makes the car stall and roll backwards on inclines of any angle. Lastly, the services cost an arm and a leg (more than $450).

Initially a great car with lovely showroom appeal, unfortunately, over time that appeal has worn off.