Owner Review


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I've owned my Silver Golf 77TSI since the middle of December 2011. After a trip down to Nambucca Heads in New South Wales, I can say it's a practical, comfortable and efficient hatchback.

The 77TSI engine has enough power to overtake on the highway, even with quite a lot of camping gear in the back.

Fuel consumption is good. With the air conditioner off, average fuel consumption has been about 6.2 litres per 100km when driving on large suburban roads and about 8.2L/100km in urban and/or hilly suburban areas. With the air conditioner on, fuel consumption rises by about 1L/100km and 4L/100km respectively.

The best highway figure I've managed is 5.8L/100km (achieved with the air conditioner on half the time).

The cabin is composed of high quality materials and noise levels inside are very low – the engine almost not heard at all at idle.

Ergonomics are very good, with exception of the air conditioning dials that can hide some settings when viewed from the driver's seat.

That brings me onto some of the Golf's downsides. The dual-clutch DSG gearbox is slower to engage than a normal automatic, the rear seats don't fold completely flat, and Bluetooth connectivity should be standard and integrated into the stereo.

In summary, the Golf 77TSI proves to be a very good hatchback, now for a much more reasonable price.

Three-month update:
It's been three months of ownership and the Golf has proven to be mostly good, however, a rattle in the dash has developed and has been annoying me since.

Probably caused by driving on some rough roads while on holiday, I had the rattle inspected at a genuine Volkswagen service centre, was told it got fixed but it wasn't. I wasn't pleased with that at all. They did, however, update the DSG software, which has made the transmission more responsive and improved gear changes.