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2011 Volkswagen Amarok TDI400 Trendline Review

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I bought a brand new 2011 Volkswagen Amarok in March 2013 and never again am i buying a Volkswagen.

I bought this and had it serviced by the same dealer thinking that i qualified for the capped priced servicing. How wrong i was. For reasons i fail to understand, my car was not covered under it and i only found out after they had serviced it. $700 for 15,000k service was outrageous but there was nothing i could do.

My car now being about 17 months old has been towed 7 times. Currently it is in the dealership with a broken rear diff and a shattered front drive shaft and a bill for $13,569.18.

Under warranty VW has replaced alternator, water pump, vacuum pump, fan & timing belts, timing belt cover, they put a new head on but had to be retowed 3 days later because there was diesel mist coming off the injector rail...
The new head only took 5 weeks, not that I'd expect VW to get it right the first time. I have never been provided a replacement vehicle while they have been fixing mine.

Upon picking up my newly rebuilt Amarok, i also discovered they had not cleaned anything, with gaskets and oil rags all over my tray and oil spilt on my tailgate. No apology was made for the time it took nor the state my car was left in.

On so many of my posts, VW will give you a response but they might as well give it to you in Chinese because it has nothing to do with anything and does not help in any way.