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2011 Volkswagen Amarok TDI400 Highline Review

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I have never felt compelled to do a review like this before but after seeing some of the stuff posted in these owner reviews I felt that an actual owner of an Amarok had to give a truthful review.

I have had my Rok now for almost 160,000k's (more than most!) Doing a near 100km round trip to and from work as well as fairly regular 5 hour+ fishing trips the k's have racked up quickly!

I must say, what a car! Having had two dual cabs prior to this one and always feeling as though I needed a car as well as the ute the Amarok has changed my perspective, it does the daily commute almost as well as my wife's Territory and has no issue towing my 5.2m boat and gear around. The power is fine, it is no rocket ship but has a heap more power than the Hilux that it replaced and tows just as well as my mates XLT and is more comfortable than both.

In the time I have had it, the only issue I have had is a leaking window which was fixed on the 15k service and a flat tyre at $400 a pop which I guess is to be expected on 18" rims. Other than that it has been completely faultless and the engine feels like it is just run in!

I haven't done a lot of off-roading but it seems more than capable on some of the rougher 4x4 tracks on the odd camping trip with the boys.

Servicing has always been fairly reasonable, not cheap, but not overly expensive in comparison to previous cars I have owned.

I would have no hesitation recommending someone to buy an Amarok and will replace this one with the new model when it comes! My Toyota days are done....