Toyota Rukus 2011 build 3
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2011 Toyota Rukus Build 3 review

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This baby is a beast! A 2.4-litre hottie. It powers up the hills of South Gippsland with ease, and has an awesome sports-shift auto so you can relive your old manual days if you are feeling nostalgic.

There's enough room in the back with the seats down to fit pretty much anything. We put our large dog cage in the back for our other little darling and it fits easy-pie. He also gives this car two paws up. The sunroof on the Build 3 is a nice touch, and the leather interior that still makes this old girl smell like new.
Some people don't like the appearance, but I think she looks bad ass. Black Betty.

It handles as smooth as silk wearing silk. The dash is lit up and digital, which I prefer, and there is a kick-arse sound system. My only negative is that there are no cameras on this model – there might be on newer ones.

There aren't automatic windscreen wipers or lights, but who needs that anyway? Who can't be bothered pushing or turning a knob? Passengers in the front and back get a lot of room to stretch out, plus an armrest in the middle with beer holders, or wine, or mixed beverage... You can pull out the middle console lid in the front to make a nice armrest as well. You are basically driving around in your lounge chair – sweet! Toyotas are always comfortable and smooth, but this one has nearly no flaws.

I don't believe these cars are very popular, and you don't see many on the road. Clearly there's a lack of awesome people on the road. Plus, I don't believe they are being imported any more, but read into that what you will.

If you are looking for an awesome ride where you slide into the seat, no bending required, and comfort is important – plus a standard seven-speaker stereo system that turns your wheels into a roller disco – this is the car for you!

Be bold, be different, be wise, be the envy of all your friends (that have no car)! Drive one and you will buy it. You'll realise your life was nothing before this baby came along.