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2011 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL Review

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I needed a good SUV that handles well, fits 7 people comfortably and made a statement on the road. At the time I was thinking about the Subaru Tribeca. it had decent handling, but let me down by the cabin and cramped back seats. My cousin told about the Prado, so I went for a test drive.

Immediately I was impressed by its bold looks, driving ability, and cabin space. My target price was below 70,000, so I went for the GXL variant (Starting price 63,000). It's interior was a let down, so I upgraded it with Sat Nav, Leather seats, window tint and a tow bar. It all added up to 67,900. A fair price, since I traded in my ex-taxi Ford Fairlane.

Ever since I loved it, from its effortless drive to its comfortable interior. I do a lot of commuting, from Wollongong to Nowra to Goulbourn to Griffith. (Yes a LOT) And it was the petrol variant, its fuel economy was terrible. Every empty tank coast me roughly $200, but I got used to it. Its handling is great, getting into tight spaces is easier than my wife's Yaris.

Some let downs are the steering, its too light it sometimes feels like its about to turn. Wind noise is dear, but overall its not too bad this car.

Hope you guys get ideas from this review. This Toyota is a great thing and already has 100,000+ after 4 years. Its easy to drive and spacious. A great car!