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2011 Toyota Camry Altise Review

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Ride and handling is very good.

Fuel economy is nothing like Toyota claims unless its driven long distance without using breaks to slow down. 10.1L/100KM is more realistic

Cabin spacious. The interior is quite stylish, but has a plastic feel and give out squeaky noises at times. The plastic trim covering the curtain airbags on the left and right side of the windscreen have buckled and the inside of the frame is visible from outside of the car through the windscreen. Took it to Toyota as the car is still under warranty. They said they fixed new trims, but it didn't fix the issue. Even after a second visit they said they cant fix it and said to go back to the company that replaced the windscreen with a non genuine windscreen. They said the black border around the windscreen was not wide enough to cover the joint between the plastic trim and the frame. So I contacted O'Brien's and they said they will replace it again free of charge. Hope it resolves the issue.

Radio starts up on stereo and switched to mono from time to time.

The Bluetooth didn't always work properly, but realised that it was my phone that was not quite up to standard.

I like the shape/design of the Camry and also the Magnetic bronze colour. I have owned many Toyota, but this is the newest one I've owned.