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2011 Suzuki Swift GLX Review

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I've had my Suzuki Swift now for nearly 3 years. I bought it new after upgrading from a WQ Ford Fiesta. The first thing I noticed was that it was softer in the ride department and the handling wasn't as sharp. Now that's the trade off for a better ride and it has been worth it.

The seats are very comfortable and the ease of driving based on the adjustable seat height and tilt and telescopic steering wheel it makes for an enjoyable drive. I wish the engine had a bit more oomph but if you work it hard down low then you can get more out of it to play with and it's a fun little thing to drive around.

I knew when buying the car that the boot space is non-existent but with the rear seats down there's plenty of room. The interior plastics are hard and the fabric on the door rests a bit thin but it's durable and hard wearing.

I've not had a single problem but it has been serviced on time. The stereo could do with some better speakers but all-in-all the interior is a pleasant place to be.

I bought this car as Japanese reliability was a drawcard and I haven't been proven wrong. Would I get another Suzuki or another Swift? I would do so definitely. They are a very underated car.

I nearly bought the Mazda 2 back in 2011 but the interior styling of that car was what swayed me going with the Swift, so it's purely subjective on my part. Having owned several Euro sourced cars in the past this Swift has been an absolute dream to own in comparison. Much better quality.

I am very happy with the car. I would say if the engine was stronger it would be a great little car. My model also missed out on Cruise Control as it was introduced later but it's not really missed.