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I have had cars from 253 to 351 V8 motors over the years and my last car was a Ford Territory Giha. It was powered by a 190kw six cylinder motor. NOW I have a Kizashi Sports and it is the best car I have ever owned.

I am 58 years young a bit of a car fanatic but I do not understand all the reviews that claim the Kizashi is underpowered. If that is the case I have a freak motor in my car; I can easily get fined for speeding in this car if I wanted two.

My Kizashi will cruise up hills with plenty left it is all about the way you drive them and the 5 speed automatic gear box is great.

Anyway for the bit less power that some claim it hasn't got, it makes up for it with all the great safety features and it sits on the road like glue.

You know what our next car will be! Can't wait for the next model to arrive.