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Have had a Suzuki Kizashi XL CVT for 9 months. Overall fairly satisfied.

Would have to be the most stylish car going around. Brilliant handling, quality, NVH and superb value.

Disappointed in 'city' (Gold Coast) fuel consumption which hasn't been better than 10lt/100kms. Highway consumption is awesome - always less than 7lt/100kms.

CVT drone at low revs around town is a pain. No wonder - it's in top gear doing 50kmh. What??!!!

No lock on the fuel cap is a shocking omission and the really bulky side mirrors don't retract unless you get out of the car and force them. They could do with integrated indicators too.

Oh yeah, ridiculous price for the oil filter - hope this is not a portent for future service bills.

In spite of these criticisms, I still rate this car at 90% which shows how the positives (so far) out way the negatives.