Suzuki Kizashi 2011 xl
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2011 Suzuki Kizashi XL review

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I bought this car for the power and economy and also for the very stylish body shape. The technology is adequate but not a point I worry about too much as long as it gets up and goes when I plant my foot which, oh boy, it does. I cant understand where some say it needs bigger donk.

The Kizashi finds 100km/h in less than six seconds which is at odds with the specs I have read. But, I am not complaining.

After reading other reviews, I'm beginning to think it's a Jekyll and Hyde type motor. I'm absolutely gutted I didn't buy the all-wheel drive sport model. However, the deal we were offerd on a standard sedan ex-rental was too good to turn down.

The paddle-shifter is useful for holding on hills but just can't be compared to a manual, which, frankly I don't miss.

My biggest gripe so far would be that the whole front bumper assembly has to come off to replace the headlight bulbs which we have had to do three times. The problem is there as at some stage a lazy Suzuki mechanic cut a hole in the light's body, obviously to facilitate easier changing! But, this is causing dirt to enter the light assembly.Human nature, I suppose.

I can't believe Suzuki has discontinued the Kizashi. They have really failed to develop this car; what a lost opportunity. If Suzuki turboed this powerplant and standardised AWD similar to the sport model they would have a real hot car that would appeal to the younger generation.

Suzuki could look at getting better headrests, as I find my head is pushed forward and it is not comfortable over a long drive and they cannot be adjusted, although I have taken mine out and with a bit of gas and brute strength bent the holders back. It's a lot better if your designers need any tips!

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