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2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara (4x4) Review

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I have had this 4x4 since new, I have done 80000 km. I have a 2" lift, cb, all terrains 31", bash plates. The car has been faultless with the minor exception of dodgy brake pads replacements from suzuki, I replaced with bendix 4wd pads and all good.

Averages 9.5l per hundred. It's a strong car. I have done a number of 4wd tours one being 13days and 7000km to Oodnadatta track and Coober Pedy, William Creek and painted desert.

I have a 7" multi function gps unit which is better than any Suzuki factory unit. Boot space could better but fit 2 x 120 l travel bags, 40l fridge, 2 sleeping bags, all my 4wd recovery gear. So it fit heaps. 5-6speed auto would be great!. Engine is strong and smooth. Could do with more grunt.

Turbo would be great or a decent turbo diesel. Really happy with the vehicle, great value when compared to other 4wds. Non of the suv stuff. Suzuki need to update and keep as real 4wd and no the vitara is not a replacement for the gv.

Cheap to service and very reliable, less bumpy with new suspension. Seats are very good and comfy over long trips. If suzuki bring real 4wd with 2017 new model. I'll be at dealership. I think it is a good vehicle and would recommend even though it is a bit dated. If you prefer to use it as a real 4wd it is great. That is about it