Owner Review


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At the end of MY11 Subaru fitted obsolete satnavs with 8 inch screens to Libertys to try to boost sales. The sat nav part is so poor and user unfriendly, we use a Tom Tom instead.

Reversing camera and bluetooth are good as is the radio. RCA plugs demonstrate how old these were, complete with out of date 2009 maps.

The car itself is good, typical Subaru, bullet proof, and after 18000k the engine is nicely run in to give plenty of zing and great fuel economy. Expect better than 7 liters per 100 on the open road.

Subaru could do a lot better though. The speedo is saying 100 KPH when the car is doing 91 which is a disgrace, and cannot be fixed without fitting larger diameter tyres.

The road noise is excessive as sound insulation is minimal and the ride is harsh with the tyres having too low a profile. Gearbox is great and I love the electric hand brake.

It desperately needs parking sensors front and rear.

All wheel drive is great in the wet and when you park in dubious locations.

The front end is simply too low and "Graunches" on driveways and high kerbs. The front skirt protrusion, an appalingly bad design, are damaged from kerbs that are too high.

I am quite tall and have plenty of room behind the wheel, except for in the foot well where a huge footrest dominates. It is only made of styrene and can be removed, fortunately.

Driver's vision is excellent and the rear view mirrors are large. There is plenty of room in the back seat.

Overall the Liberty is a very good car but Subaru could do a lot better, quite easily.