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This is my third car from Ssangyong now and it truly represents a great step forward for the once embattled car maker in terms of overall design and desirability.

The diesel engine is a fantastic match for this car, with the power meaning that it's always got plenty of go, regardless of being up a steep hill or on the flat.

Newer versions have had a rework on sound proofing, which is really the only niggle I have with this car - it can be quite coarse under heavy acceleration, but once up and cruising mine is more than acceptable.

It handles a lot better than the review gives it credit for, as I discovered on a recent jaunt through the Adelaide hills. Like any car, you need to drive it for a while to get used to its characteristics. At first it does feel like the body rolls in the corners, but it actually only does a little, then it grips and keeps going without understeer unless pushed ridiculously hard, at which time the ESP kicks in and limits engine power.

The interior is a little crude admittedly with the liberal use of cheap hard plastics on the dashboard and door cards being the main let down. This however is nothing major, as they are all well bolted together and as my other Ssangyong, (a Kyron), has shown, they do not break, come loose or even rattle.

The Bluetooth function on the factory stereo is brilliant with the steering wheel controls being able to change tracks and even turn the media player on on your phone and change tracks without even having to touch the device once it is paired to the car - a very handy feature.

Aftermarket niceties are readily available for these cars via online vendors and we have fitted many accessories from chrome highlights to dash mat and rubber bumper protector to the car to give it the extra 'bling' the SPR model deserves.

Overall, I would highly recommend a Korando to any prospective buyers, as dollar for dollar it gives more for less than the opposition does.