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2011 Renault Megane Privilege Review

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The common misconception that Renault's products are unreliable, flimsy and an all round generally bad experience have been proven wrong for myself when i purchased this 2011 Renault Megane Privilege.

This car represented great value at $29,990 for the time it was on sale. it came standard with feature such as leather, sunroof and other little standard features that i struggled to find in similar cars; a.k.a. Golf, Focus, Cruze.

I found that the cars performance, despite the cvt was exceptional. it corners flat and accelerates well for a car of it's size and engine capacity. the steering, although electric still offers plenty of feel for where the wheels are and the cvt although it drones a little is actually quite pleasant to live with.

Once the notion of having no gears exits your mind, the car seams to work really quite well. All around, the driving dynamics of this car make for a really, quite interesting and fun drive. I found that it had far superior NVH compared to the Focus and especially the Cruze.

I found that compared to the Cruze, the Megane felt like a far superior product from a build, driving and comfort perspective, and given the fact that the Cruze was a couple of grand more expansive, it was a no brainer that the Megane offered the best mix between comfort and sports focused handling as well as far superior cabin quality to the Cruze and in parts, the focus too. (not to mention how much more room is in the back seat of the Megane compared to the Ford).

If there was a couple of issues i had it would be that there is still a few squeaks that i can here but that is not uncommon with this model. The other would be rear legroom, although it isn't the smallest in class, i would like a little more room, even if it sacrificed the Megane's already massive boot space, and finally, the only other problem i have with this car is the fuel consumption, which for it's class is quite thirsty.