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Even the basic Expression has features like dual zone climate control, satnav, bluetooth, cruise and speed control, five 17" alloy wheels, a punchy engine that tolerates all grades of petrol, cv transmission, great audio, indicators-in-mirrors, see-me-home headlights, versatile seating, good load space, soft-touch interior trim and a large cooled glovebox. If you fancy a trendy starter button, it has that too.

And best of all, it comes with 5 star safety, a 5 year warranty AND 5 year free roadside assist. And all that at a more than competitive price. If you are too feeble to switch on your headlights or wipers, or engage your handbrake, you can have the car do that for you too.

In short, the sum of the features offered in the new Koleos is much more than meets the eye.

I am very pleased with my choice. Being related to the very popular Nissan X-Trail, the Koleos shares its proven robust and reliable mechanicals. However, if you prefer 'sexy' to 'boxy' then the Koleos is definitely the SUV for you.