Owner Review

2011 PROTON S16

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With the trade on my car, I paid $7000 for this Proton S16 GX. $7000, with 17 kilometres on the clock, 12 months registration, insurance and that warranty. If you need a cheap car that is worry free for three years, then this is the car for you.

Yes, the only heart its going to win is yours but in saying that, you are the only person who is in the car the most. It drives great, it has one air bag, front power windows all features that centre around the driver.

It did have problems central locking and parking sensors mainly, after the free 1000 kilometer service, they were fixed and it drove 100% better, so don't judge on the test drive.

I can live with the inevitable depreciation because it was so cheap in the first place. Chery or GreatWall are next on my list for cars, cheap cars aren't as bad as you think, give them a chance. After this S16 I would never buy used again.