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2011 Nissan Maxima 250 ST-L Review

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Having had Audi's for 12yrs followed by an Outlander for 6, we purchased a 2011 Maxima 250 STL which was 2yrs old having been a QLD country lease vehicle.

It has been trouble free over 45000km whilst achieving around 9.8 L/100 with city driving taking around 70% of this total and getting 44000km from the Federal tyres which were fitted on purchase. Have just fitted Bridgestone Ecopia's and have made the car even quieter than you could imagine with a vast improvement in handling in the wet. We have children, relatives and friends with so called more 'up market' vehicles and none come near the 250 STL in comfort or quietness whilst costing over twice as much.

I can't believe how badly Nissan marketed this car in Australia as opposed to it's huge success in the USA. The motoring scribes have been missing in action also whilst people who own Maxima's sing there praises loud and clear.

At 68 I'm obviously classed in the older driver category but the 250 STL has me wanting to do interstate travel as the comfort makes it a pleasure to drive seating in those great leather seats with the stereo playing The Beatles and co.

Definitely the smoothest motor in any car we have owned and my wife who is a non driver with no interest in cars freely admits it's the best car we've owned.
A great car which should have had far more accolades in Australia. I have test driven a 250 STL Altima, plenty of extras but lacks the honey sweet V6 in the Maxima and hard to justify the dollar outlay.