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2011 Nissan 370z Review

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Finally the day came after lusting for years over my dads 350Z. I got the opportunity to buy a 370z. I worked for Nissan and a Zed got traded in. Within minutes I had signed the paperwork to make it mine.

The 370z is the 6th generation of Z cars. It all started way back in 1969 thanks to the 240Z. Nissan Z cars are an iconic piece of Japanese motoring that I now own a piece of.

The 370Z is such a beautiful car to look at inside and out. Its a very short, wide and aggressive looking car that screams out that it means business. I especially like the "fangs" in the front grill.

The interior has half alcantara half leather seats. A nice thick steering wheel with a big Z badge in the middle. Powerful and clear 6 speaker Bose stereo with subwoofer. Last but not least the 3 gauges on the dash that finish off the sporty and luxurious look.

The first time you hit the start button and the powerful 3.7 V6 fired up I got chills down my spine. Sitting in this car makes you feel special.

The look on your face as you smash numerous Porche Boxters, Mercs and Bmw's will keep you smiling for days. That's thanks to the 245KW of power and 363 Newton metres of torque and the super fast and sleek shifting 7 speed gear box with paddle shifters.

Sure this car isn't perfect. It's not the most fuel efficient car going around. You'll be lucky to get better than 12L per 100km. The worst thing by far is the blind spots. Trying to change lanes on the freeway is extremely dangerous. You turn your head to check your blind spot, all you see is a thick pillar and a widow the size of a coffee cup.

I would hate the Z car turn into some crossover SUV just to boost Nissan's numbers. If the 370z is the last Z car let it be. It would be a great way to go out.