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2011 Mitsubishi Pajero Gl LWB (4x4) review

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My Pajero is a very reliable 4WD. Purchased second-hand two years ago at 60,000km. I've since taken it out 118,000 km and it's never missed a beat.

The manual gearbox is so economical and I love driving it as it's so solid. Tackled the Flinders Ranges for a month back in 2015 including tackling some service roads and it was amazing. This year, I towed a 2.5-tonne van to Queensland on another four-week journey. With so much torque on tap, it did it easy.

I would recommend the Pajero to anyone. I use it as daily commute and off-road. The basic model comes without the frills but it has enough for my use. I can cruise all day at 110km/h and still return less than 10 litres per 100km.

Service interval are at 15,000km which is good as it can go nine months between servicing. Diesels cost a bit to service, mainly every 30,000km or every second service.

I love that you can throw all your gear in back section without filling the back seats. I have the cargo barrier which helps keep everything contained while on the move. A big bonus with the car is finding large underfloor storage area in back for spare parts and recovery gear so that it's all kept in the one place.

I enjoy being able to slip into 4WD high on the move up to 100km/h and then back again when required. I quite often use 4WD high on very wet days. And having three 12-volt outlets is also a very nice touch which comes in handy.

Cruise control is standard and works very well. I check all fluids regularly but apart from windscreen wiper fluid, I never have to do anything. Having a rear windscreen reservoir is a good thing and both front and rear contain adequate volume to not have to fill too often.

There's very good leg room in the front seat and heaps in the rear bench seat. I have large rubber mats in front and back on the floor which keeps dirt and mud from the carpet. Works well.