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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer ES review

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I bought the Mitsubishi Lancer ES back in 2014 as a used car and have been using it since then! While browsing the used car market, I came across this car and immediately fell for its looks and the gorgeous grey colour. The long bonnet, the slender headlights and the metallic grey colour look great even today.

The inside is an all black theme, and while some might find it dark, I am okay with it. It's a 2011 base model so it misses out on several features which are now pretty much available on most cars, like Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, parking sensors, reverse camera, satellite navigation, sunroof etc. However what you do get are seven airbags as standard, ABS, EBD, a six CD changer, cruise control, powerful air-con, very comfortable height adjustable front seats, sufficient storage space, large dials and excellent view ahead. The car originally came with 5 years warranty. The doors open wide and close with a solid thud.

Jump into the back seats and there is good space for two people, thought three will be a squeeze due to the protruding steering column. It’s pretty basic affair here, nothing exciting to comment on.

The boot from the outside is quite deceiving. Open it and you will be surprised to see how well it’s shaped. It’s more than sufficient to handle weekly groceries and the occasional luggage for weekend trips. The space saver wheel is a let down though, as it’s quite impractical to run the car on this small wheel even for short distance.

Inside the bonnet is a 2.0-litre engine with 113kW of power, which happily runs on E10, so fuel costs are quite manageable. The engine is paired with a CVT gearbox and the two work together in harmony. It's very comfortable to drive on city roads as well as on highways. It cruises effortlessly even at 110 km/h. As the speed builds up, you will notice road noise creeping in and it gets bothersome after a while. The solution; turn the music on!!

Its easy to drive through everyday traffic. However while waiting at the traffic lights, there is a noticeable lag after stepping on the accelerator as the car takes some time to build up speed. The car can lunge forward from standstill and does take some time getting used to. The braking experience is good as the brakes have good bite.

We have so far found the car to be reliable except for a couple of rattling noises that have crept inside the cabin and which the mechanic unfortunately has not been able to identify. The large 16-inch wheels provide great stability to the car and gives confidence on tight corners. Parking the car is also hassle free due to its size. The car has steadily returned a fuel economy of 10 litres per 100 kilometres in the city but gives a much better 7L/100km on highways. The range is approximately 450-480km on a full tank.

Service interval is once a year at 15,000km so it’s quite good compared to several other cars that need 6 monthly service.

Sadly the car was discontinued in 2018. However it's a very practical car for a small family and I would definitely recommend to include it in your shopping list if you are looking for a great, small, stress-free used sedan. Although it's not very exciting, the peace of mind you will have knowing that the car will come to life every time you turn the key on, is worth a lot.

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