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2011 Mitsubishi Challenger 30th Anniversary (4x4) Review

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I like my Challenger very much but since it is promoted as a tow vehicle, I find it surprising that NO professional reviewer addresses this side of the cars performance. The comparisons made with other 4x4s tend toward the electronics and the gadgets which is fine for people who test all sorts of vehicles but I think these reviewers are forgetting what buyers actually want.

I believe that a 4x4 buyer wants a sound and reliable vehicle that will get them out of trouble in the bush and will take a lot of hard work whilst exploring this great country.

This brings me to my main point, whilst exploring, it is almost a given that camping in one form or another wil be involved (never addressed in any review I've seen ), this means TOWING. The tow bar provide by Mitsubishi is in my view, pathetic for a 4x4, as it reduces the departure angle of an other wise great car. It is also unsightly and obtrusive even when not connected to a trailer or Caravan. The amount of money spent on design and testing etc on a vehicle promoted as 3000kg towing only to have a 2nd rate towbar fitted is in my view a significant oversight.

I also think the rear suspension leaves something to be desired as it needs after market accessories in order to actually tow 3000kg.

I also found the cup holders too small both in the center console and the doors.

The size of the fuel tank is also a major disappointment for a vehicle designed to not be near a fuel station ie remote areas.

The position of the spare wheel is also ridiculous if out in the bush one were to get a puncture with or without a fully loaded trailer attached .