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  • Spacious, economical, stylish, excellent suspension, camera and stereo too many to mention
  • gear is like an indicator and takes getting used to

by Margaret

Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to own this car.

I’ve had numerous cars and the last 2 were Mecedes ML350 and Mercedes C63 AMG, however the R300 is by far the best car I have ever come across on any market (Mercedes or otherwise).

The car is economical, stylish, spacious and durable. Anyone stating otherwise is frankly ridiculous. Australia should have jumped at the chance of owing this type of vehicle because it ticks all the boxes for a family. 4WD are too overrated. This car is a dream to drive and so happy with my purchase.

My kids are loving the spacious leather interior, especially since it’s a 7 seater and they each have their own allocated space. The car has so many safety features that have not been included in other vehicles, which are too numerous to mention.

Back windows are tinted to the extreme which is great for reducing of heat if someone is sitting right at the back. Aircon has enough power to immediately reduce heat through the car very fast, which is great for the Australian heat.

I’ve always known what I wanted for my family,but never thought it existed, yet when I came across the R300 it has exceeded my expectations by far.

The car is stylish for all occasions and makes a pleasure to drive anywhere. I’m a female and don’t understand all car terminology, however I can tell you my opinion about this car is genuine and if your thinking of buying this car, make sure you go on long camping trips because you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Mercedes for thinking of everything when you built this car!

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2011 Mercedes-Benz R 300 CDI (AWD) Review Review
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