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Choosing a car is a very personal thing. What suits one person doesn't another. So when we went looking for a car to replace my husband's Ford Laser Hatch, which he had for 22 years, we test drove several models but only one stood out for us. A Mazda 3 Hatch.

Since buying our first Mazda you can call us Mazda converts. My husband drives an SP25 manual and my current car is a Mazda 3 Maxx Sports Hatch, also manual.

Not only is this in stunning Celestial Blue (WOW!!!) but it is easy and fun to drive. The gear box is very snappy and the car handles like a dream. I find it very comfortable and stable on the road.

It has enough bells and whistles to make it interesting and practical but not overwhelming.

I am particularly impressed with the GPS, which came standard, the screen is large enough and in a very convenient position.

I don't particularly like the space-saver wheel. Here's hoping you don't get a flat while you're travelling with a boot full of luggage. The flat won't fit in the tyre space in the boot. Having said that how many times do you get a flat?

Fuel economy is fantastic - 6.6 lt/100kms on the highway and around 9 lt/100kms around town.

Overall, I really enjoy driving my Mazda 3. Mechanically it is very reliable and not being mechanically minded that's important to me.