Lexus CT 200h Hybrid 2011 f sport
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2011 Lexus CT 200h F Sport review

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Stylish and economical all rolled into one! I absolutely love my little Lexus CT. I’m currently getting about 700–750km from a tank of premium fuel (40 litres), which makes it really cheap to run around town.

It has all of the usual mod-cons, luxury and comfort that I expect from Lexus: GPS, quality stereo system, really comfortable leather upholstery, quality finishes all throughout the interior, etc. The car also has heaps of room for my two kiddos in the back (in full five-point harness car seats). The boot is kind of small, but that’s ultimately the price you pay when you have a hybrid vehicle with a large battery in the back. It still fits all of my grocery shopping and bits and pieces, so I’m happy. It would also fit a pram/stroller as well if necessary.

It’s no speed machine either, but it more than makes up for this loss in other areas. It’s lots of fun to zip around town, and when on longer drives it’s great to turn up the tunes, cruise along and all is forgotten.

I’m on the road a lot (hence buying a hybrid) and usually travel up to 1000km a week, often doing short annoying trips. The CT is really reliable and is nice to cruise around in and makes these short little trips less frustrating. It’s whisper quiet, and makes for a smooth, easy drive.

I would recommend the F Sport upgrade. It has slightly nicer, better-quality finishes throughout the interior, and the suspension changes make it sit really nicely on the road. I also find that the genuine leather interior is also more superior to the faux counterpart.

Lexus customer service is also second-to-none. Nothing is ever too much trouble for its sales team or the service department. I had a small issue that I reported to Lexus Australia and the matter was resolved within days. It’s not surprising that Lexus has such high customer-retention numbers. Servicing costs are higher than some other cars, but Lexus does such a great job every time.

This is my second Lexus purchase and it definitely won’t be my last. I wouldn’t have anything else.