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2011 Kia Optima Platinum Review

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Just back from Brisbane, drove down in the Kia and back in a Avis rented -Mitsubishi Mirage. The timing belt went in the Kia. So far my Kia Optima which I brought new on the 25 May 2011 and has done 44,000 Klm.

I have had the car serviced as per the handbook. However, the vehicle when purchased new I would have assumed that it would come with roadside assist, but I found out after my first flat battery in this car that I had to specifically state I wanted roadside assist.

So I was left high and dry, had to by my own jumper leads to start my car to get it to the service centre. That car has had numerous breakdowns since.

I ended up joining the local roadside assist company (RACQ) and they became very familiar with my weekly problem of flat batteries. RACQ advised me that there was a power drain detected and it was not a faulty battery, Kia changed the battery and charged me, next week same problem.

So in the hunt to find a solution Kia replaced the radio head not once but twice, they replaced the alternator and not to mention the steering wheel being replaced because the leather was breaking of in bits and pieces.

When I rang Kia Road side assist, first I was told I'm not registered I insisted and then there I was.

Nobody wants to know you in these circumstances, here I am with my family 350klm away from home, stranded. Thanks for nothing Kia and you haven't heard the last from me.,