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2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport (4x4) review

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Have had this car since new and it now has 170,000 kilometres on it. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned – not one single issue. Starts first time – every time.

On sealed roads, it is average at best and reversing can be a challenge (that spare!) but get on a dirt road and nothing will stop it or keep up with it. The vague steering on bitumen is not a issue on the dirt. It will do interstate trips with ease but it can be a bit of a handful on potholed black tar roads.

The power could be improved and to some extent this was addressed with the new Penstar 3.6 engine. A 5.7 hemi would sell here like hotcakes. On a recent trip to Broken Hill and beyond this truck (it's not a car) really came into its own. Long distances are not an issue as the seats are comfortable and supportive. The A/C unit would have to be the best I have come across and cools the cabin quickly.

The depth of aftermarket parts (buy from the US – it's a lot cheaper) allows you to personalise your rig to really have a unique truck. The advantage of being able to take the front panels off and create a huge sunroof is a fantastic plus – if not a bit fiddly. This is a great truck if you love the outdoors and just want to escape.

One major issue is Jeep Servicing. Jeep needs to improve its servicing standards as this is the one major let down in the whole package.