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I have owned in excess of 80 vehicles over most major brands. Was interested in purchasing a new or near new European SUV such as a Volvo XC90 , BMW X5 or perhaps a Audi Q7 but was concerned about reliability and repair costs as always been bitten on all my cars that I have owned that were European.

Spotted the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo at a European dealership and instantly fell in love!

This vehicle is fantastic in every way, price, handling, looks and economy. Probably the best feature being its super efficient silky smooth diesel V6 motor ............I managed to squeeze 1100kms to one tank of diesel, that's incredibly economical given it's large stature and SUV status.

If anyone is considering purchasing a European SUV you would be crazy not to test drive this vehicle as it may save tens of thousands of dollars and give you just as much pleasure. Jeep has made a quantum leap forward with this model, gone is that cheap American tank feeling replaced with a very definite European quality feel and looks.

BMW, Audi, Volvo & Mercedes must be sweating!