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2011 Jaguar XKR 5.0 Sc V8 Review

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I've had my 2011 XKR Coupe for a little over 2 years, and I really cant see myself getting out of it any time soon. Good examples can be obtained for around the $100K mark, with the MY12 models (nicer headlights, aston style side vents, standard sat nav) having a fair premium over them.

The MY10 and early 11 models came with the 5 litre supercharged engine - 375KW, 600Nm. The car is overpowered - it breaks traction at the slightest provocation and needs to be treated very gingerly in the wet. It takes some getting used to, but once the enthusiasm is toned down it is perfect as a daily driver, which I will get to later.

All of that power goes to the rear wheels (tyres about $800 a pop (ouch!)) and the OEM tyres dont have good grip at all. I understand that Pirellis are much better on it. But on the stock tyres at least and with the weight, it isnt great as a car to track on a tight circuit.

But as a daily driver and a tourer, it is awesome. The hatch area has quite a bit of room, enough for the weeks shopping for a family of 4 (or a carton of beer, 3 cases of sparkling, some loose bottles of red and maybe a bag or two of nibbles). The seats and ride are sublime, the steering is great, and it is easy to park even without the reverse camera which was an option, though the front and rear sensors do help. There is room in the back seats for dogs or bags or coat jackets and files. Just not for people, except in an emergency.

It hasnt cost me anything over the annual servicing and a few voluntary mods I had to make to satisfy my bogan leanings. Driven enthusiastically it gets around 14l/100km, driven after a speeding ticket it gets around 12l/100km, both city driving.

The negatives are that the interior (while plush) is dated - it is pretty similar inside to the 2006 model after all - the tech is very dated, and the stereo is pedestrian. If you love tech, it isnt the car for you. But if you love the style and looks, comfort, and power, you get a lot of bang for your buck.