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2011 Jaguar XJ 5.0 Sc V8 Supersport LWB Review

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An amazing vehicle and excellent value as I purchased it with only 25,000 kilometres for a fraction of the new price.

The best economy I've recorded on a trip was 7.7litres per 100 km and most of the time it is better than 11 litres per 100km! The acceleration is ballistic on demand.

Service costs are no more than my 4x4 ute and like my previous series 350 XJ it has been totally reliable.

Two minor faults are that the boot liner and the roof liner were loose, the boot liner easily fixed with Velcro however the roof liner needs new clips at the back window, another minor item yet to be fixed under warranty is that the driver's headrest is not operating.

It is supremely comfortable for 4 adults however the centre position in the rear would not be pleasant on a long trip.

The sound system is amazing, however the Navigation system is not intuitive to use, thankfully I seldom need it. The phone interface is excellent and most of the time the Bluetooth works without needing any input once coupled.

Two options available but not on this vehicle are adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring so you do have to pay attention and enjoy driving which is wise with 375kw on tap.

Vision out of the rear window is limited however it doesn't take long to get used to it and there is a rear vision camera and parking sensors. It easier to park than a 4X4.

The protection of the rear speakers is lacking as luggage in the boot if packed to capacity could damage the speaker cones, a simple grill would protect them.

Overall an amazing vehicle that will impress anyone with its comfort, style and performance.