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Performed like a diamond. My own present car is an Altise 2003 2.4.

The i45 was a month old had 2700km on the odometer and was used to ferry my 5 adult members of the family in and out of Melbourne-Sydney-Melbourne very comfortably.

Managed for the first time in 6 trips to drive Mel- Syd within one tank with 2 bars remaining or about 6 litres left. I did 1900 km with a total of 128 litres of Unleaded only petrol.

So impressed with the leather-fabric trim, I thought I was driving a luxury car. Gives good grip round the bends for slippery leathery trim. My impression of the car was the fantastic trim of soft touch plastic or luxury touch dash and its fascia of the aircon settings.

Black was the predominant colour and felt like easy on the searching eyes. Kept staring in amazement at the top quality dashboard continually throughout my 22 hours of driving in this vehicle over the 1900 km.

Could not help but research on this car the moment I stepped into my home and am planning to replace my Altise Camry with this i45 asap!

My opinion was somewhat backed by the other 4 drivers of this car, 3 adult sons and wife! Amazed what the GDI engine did for us throughout the 1900km we travelled.