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I have bought an i45 2.4 Active for 1 week already. White.

Keeping an eye on the economy for driving on suburban terrain. Temptation is always to drive on the freeways for extending the legs of my touring car!

Have not had my first refill of petrol to measure the economy, but I am assured of it in my drive up to Sydney in another Active 2.4.

I did observe the vehicle bounce a little more than expected going over humps with 5 in the car.

I thought the car was conservatively styled and really good looking, but the first impressions from colleagues was that the car was so sporty with twin exhausts and fluid lines and front grille.

The wet weather this week prompted me to rest the car from unnecessary water exposure, so I invested in an additional rubber mat to protect the plush car mats my dealer gave complimentarily to me.

I work in a construction site so this car better not be driven too much into our site.

My old Camry picked up at least 4 nails in the past 18 months at the same site. Hope to never use my roadside assistance for a tyre change.

Requests to Hyundai
Boot lining and rear sensors are my next additions. Hyundai drivers need to protect their pedestrians and cars alike so please consider in next upgrades. Hence rear view cameras and sensors please for the Active models.

Enjoying the new car - How about lumbar supports for the driver in the Active too? How about Bluetooth which come standard in an 2012 Optima SI and currently they are available for ,498 drive away and about 600km on the clock in WA! Kia is making a great effort to win the war with Hyundai.