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2011 HSV GTs (dual Fuel) Review

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When i was first looking at buying a 2011 GTS, my main thought that was in mind was the sheer power. With a 6.2L supercharged V8, 325kW came so very easily. The GTS is a manual and with my type of driving (daily commuter) is a little thirsty. The sound is absolutely unique. Pulling away from the Happy Valley lights at 5am with no other vehicle in sight is a sound to behold.

But as soon as i had owned the HSV for about 3 weeks i suddenly realised that i wouldnt be going past to many fuel stations. and hey, what do you expect: its a 6L V8 manual, so it's got to have a weak point somewhere!

The GTS is extremely comfortable going through the twisty roads, and it has almost no body roll at all. I was rather surprised at this considering its around 1800 kilos.

But having this much power in such a big, rear-drive sedan, you have to be careful coming out of tight corners when you're busy/rushing. I had a very freaky experience not long after i got the GTS: on my way to work early in the morning and i was rushing (most likely late ;-). Turning a sharp right, and then i put the hammer down. not pedal to the floor stuff, but enough to catapult you a little... i put the power on early and out came the back end! it actually woke me up good and proper!! I corrected and straightened it up before continuing my way to work.

And i'm sorry if the Jones' were looking out the window and they saw a Poison Ivy HSV GTS drift around your corner....i didnt mean it....i just have a very powerful saloon that i have to work with.