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2011 Honda Odyssey Luxury review

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2011 saw William and Kate tying the knot, Charlie Sheen causing enough trouble in Vegas to see him relinquish his role in Two and a Half Men to the very wooden Ashton Kutcher, and I was killing time at the local Honda dealer while my wife was shopping. Whilst it was not necessarily love at first sight, something about the glistening pearl white Odyssey caught my eye. Like a "mullet" this sleek urban sleeper was Business at the front and Party at the back. I visualised the potential need to carry an entire basketball team on Saturdays, and then hauling enough building supplies on Sunday to build an Ark. Doing the school drop off and pick up thing in style and comfort was appealing. I negotiated a price and a decade later this sleek chariot still delivers.

Its native habitat is loitering outside schools, cafes and supermarket car parks. It does like to amble through country roads and makes a perfect road trip vehicle.

The ride is relaxed and confident but not at all sports oriented - if pushed hard it can be prone to understeer.

The Odyssey produces 132kW and 218Nm and averages 9.1 litres per 100 kilometres on 91ULP. If you live your life a quarter mile at a time this car is not for you.

Build quality is exceptional, with no rattles and only a slight amount of wear on the driver's seat. Speaking of seats these leather seats are heated in the front and offer more support than an old pair of speedos. With just under 45,000 cup holders and storage nooks you will never be short on space (give or take a few thousand - Ed).

The 3-zone air-conditioner will, when you need it, keep the tribe colder than Scott in the Antarctic and hotter than a Turkish steam bath in winter.

A blue coloured hue illuminates the angular cabin and gauges at night which adds interest to the dark coloured dash and surrounds. Materials are firm but hard wearing.

A clear reversing camera, sat-nav, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to watch a DVD on the small infotainment screen all add to the enjoyment of this 7-seater mobile lounge room.

A tasteful body kit gives the car an aggressive look but is low at the front and can get battle scars easily. Thoughtful features like puddle lamps, headlight washers and fog lamps are welcome.
Like all cars it is flawed, it's not quick or overly fuel efficient and doesn't have the latest and greatest in safety features, but it does what is required without fuss and still looks relevant. Good job Honda.

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