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After learning to drive in a 1987 Holden Camira (which is very similar to the Cruze) I was very keen to get another Holden. I fully intended to get a manual but ended up with an auto. At first I was a bit disappointed with the lack of power and acceleration, and was very aware of the amount of fuel it was chewing up.

But if you actually put your foot down it will accelerate quite quick although with a lot of engine noise, and it handles so great through tight corners, it almost feels like I'm back in the Camira reliving my teenage years.

- Lots of legroom for the driver (big plus for me!)
- Lots of boot space, especially with the back seats down
- Fun sporty feel
- Tight turning circle - Great for getting into those small city parking lots
- Good sound (I do love to blast a bit of music every now and then)
- Braking is excellent
- Cruise control works great (it saves me fuel most of the time)
- Was actually surprised at how well the voice recognition worked

- auto transmission a bit slow
- not the best fuel economy
- iPod connectivity doesn't always work (could be due to my old iPod though)

It is a great first car for a young adult with all the safety features it has, they can fit all there friends in and have a car that's fun to drive.