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  • the vehicle looks good externally thats about it
  • Not worth $43000 I paid for it

by Vicki

the configuration of the air condition unit it poor the second row barely get air, 3rd row get no air.

car seized at high speeds at 60000km due to injectors and unable to move vehicle to safety. A week my car being returned the car wouldn’t start so computer replaced car still didn’t’ start for 1.5months

Wheels needing replacing every 30000km due to uneven wear.

75000kms wires rubbing together and burnt out turbo so my car wouldn’t move faster than 40km/hr, also steering column knuckles, numerous senses been replaced, lights decided not to work, car wouldn’t always start 1st go or would stall, car not shifting gears smoothly and would rev out, 3 seat belts replaced due to fraying in the traction unit, sensors throughout the car constantly being replaced

90000kms I was quoted in excess for a service by $600 even though I said that was excessive and spoke to the manager I was told well its a big job, so I rang around other dealerships and contacted Gm holden and they honoured it at the rate of other dealership, this service a shock absorber needed replacing cause it was leaking

Now Im at 116000kms and from what I believe now its my alternator.

to date 3 seatbelts have been replaced due to severe fraying and waring and one had sharp piece of metal stuck in it that the dealership believes is from the traction unit, lacks acceleration

GM representative tells me this is all cosmetic that the vehicle is safe. Got offered an extended 12months new car warranty that the dealership.