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We brought the 2011 PK Ford Ranger crew cab 4WD Ute for its towing capacity of 3 Tonne as we tow a caravan with it, the car has done 16,000klms and we have to replace the clutch - not covered under warranty by Ford as the vehicle was not designed to reverse loads?!

We were reversing the van up a slight hill to park when we smelt the burning of the clutch, straight away we stopped the vehicle to find out what was burning and found it was the clutch, took it to Ford and was told it was driver error not a faulty clutch this was told to us before they even looked at the clutch and they wanted to charge us $4000 to fix it - we went else where and got a heavy duty clutch installed for $2500.

This is not a one-off problem, this is a common problem for all Ford Rangers as all the councils have to replace the clutch's as well - just thought we would warn everyone of this problem.