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2011 Ford Ranger Wildtrak (4x4) Review
  • Powerful engine, Ride height, Seats are very comfortable , Easy to keep interior clean, comfortable and easy going on long distance
  • Plastic wheel arches , White bumpers (scratches from bushes)

by Justin White

I bought the car 9 months ago, it now has 180,000 km on the clock – so far there have been no problems. It has some extras fitted to it,which include; extra Safari diesel tank, Ironman belly plates, Rhino wheels, EFS suspension, aluminium camping canopy and so on.

I must say the engine is great! nice and powerful, I hardly have to use 1st low range as it is too strong. The gearbox has slight difficultly changing back from 5th to 4th, but I put that down to the high mileage.

When I bought the vehicle, I was looking for a 4×4 at a good price and nice features, this Wildtrak was the best in its class for price versus package. I enjoy watching the tilt and trim while doing obstacles, seeing how far I can push it.

It has a compass as well, but after disconnecting the battery recently, I cannot get it working again, for some reason it is stuck on NNW. Rear passenger comfort is nice, however adults do moan on a long distance trip about leg space, but I see the new models are not much better (I don’t sit at the back so I don’t care, up front there is plenty of space) I like the head room, I don’t bump my head on the handles like other 4x4s, and the personal lights at the back are a winner, especially at night with two kids.  All round visibility is ok, canopy does effect rear vision though.

I am very happy with this 4×4 and will be getting the new shape in South Africa in the near future. Well done FORD!

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2011 Ford Ranger Wildtrak (4x4) Review Review
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