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2011 Ford Focus Titanium Review

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Have had the Focus Titanium diesel sedan for almost 4 years now and apart from woeful turning circle I can't knock the car at all, while the sat nav screen could ideally be a bit bigger it still works well.

The ride is a little firm but the trade off is really good handling, and the diesel just gives this car such drivability that I chuckle when people say it is to dear over the petrol and with 6.8l/100km around the city and I have had it down to 4.9l/100km on the open road and with as much torque as a commodore v6, hills just don't exist and highway overtaking is effortless,all round great effort for a smaller car.

I wish I had have opted for the tech pack which included adaptive cruise, lane wander warning and auto brake, but still very happy with car as is, the hatch probably would have been a more practical buy in hindsight as boot opening on sedan is a bit small but it long enough with back seats folded down flat to take 3 long trestle tables.

As my car is a Geman built model it has the heated front seats and partial leather which makes my Wife very happy about as current Thai built models get full leather but lose the seat heaters, the build quality is very good on mine also with everything still very tight after nearly 3 years motoring and while not the lightest car in this segment I think the extra weight adds to the rock solid feel on the road