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2011 Ford Focus SPORT Review

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My Ford Focus Sport is the Sedan:

I'm going to kick this review off by talking about the things I don't like.

The first thing is the small boot opening: I've recently moved house and when I was loading the boot with my possessions I needed to place a small TV stand in it, It would not go in the boot opening so I had to open the rear door and fold down the rear seats just so it would fit.

On the subject of the boot, it would be nice if it had scissor boot hinges like you got on 1st and 2nd generation Foci, unlike the hinges on the current Focus that get in the way slightly when loading items into the boot.

The build quality is very very good (being a German car you do expect that) but it's no where near as good the VW Golf, In saying that, it's always been behind the Golf ever since the Focus was launched back in 1998 so somethings never change.

The way the manual mode works is also not very well thought out (In case you're not familiar with how it works, first you need to put the car into ''S'' mode and then nudge upwards on the rocker switch,)
To be honest they should of stuck to the fore and aft system like you got on the previous generation Focus Automatic.

A lack of torque down low is also something than can be a bit of a nuisance from time to time.
My final criticism is how cluttered the Sony head unit is.

Ok downsides out of the way, I shall now talk about the good things.

The Sound system for a car that was around $30k when new is top notch.

Even when you turn it right up it still keeps it's clarity, has excellent levels of bass and drowns out everything around you.

It's a nice touch when the boot is a very good size and it's a usable shape, it also helps that the rear seats fold flat (albeit you need to flip up the seat bases first)

The sound insulation is very good as are the seats (both front and rear are soft and supportive) so a motorway journey does not feel like a chore.
Engine noise is also kept to a respectable level and does not
drone on and on.

The 2.0L Duratec engine is also very good and does not mind being revved, it's also good on fuel (it can also run on 91-Octane unleaded fuel without a single fuss)

The steering is a sensation, it's sharp, direct and very good for a electronic power assisted system, the suspension is really well judged and manages that perfect blend of ride and handling.

The non GTI Golf's are easily trumped by the Focus when it comes to ride and handling
Overall I'm very happy with the Focus and would happily buy another one but only the LW (German made ) and not the LW mk2 ( Thai made)

Please Ford fix that silly sports mode, give us some rear air vents and bring back the non ST German made Foci please.