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I bought this brand new in 2011 for a clean $20,000. I had been driving a 2004 Ford Fiesta which is a great car, and still is. Just hit 175000 kms trouble free.

So when it was time to buy a new car, it was hard to look past another Fiesta. My 2011 Zetec model has been really good car to me. Great to drive, comfortable, well equipped, great on fuel and extremely easy to drive. On the comfort subject the sports seats that come in the Zetec are truly fantastic. Cloth covered, not too hard, not too soft and to hold you in position extremely well. I feel its between a Super sporty Recaro seat and your normal run of the mill flat seat seen in the base model. It truly is great. Some of the rest of features including, cruise control, Bluetooth, an excellent six speaker stereo (very clear, excellent bass), Alloy Wheels, Sports Body Kit, Rear Spoiler. However, it didn't come with a spare wheel. Only a Air pump and a bottle of goo. Not being a fan of this, and not wanting to fork out over $400 for Ford's Space saver spare wheel kit, i found a brand new CL Fiesta steel wheel, and bought a jack and wheel brace for a combined $200.

I'd happily drive this car tomorrow from Sydney to Perth and have every faith in it getting me there trouble free. I'll add too i found it surprisingly good on the freeway for a small car. While it rev's just under 3000 rpm at 110kmh in 5th gear, it is quiet about it, and keeps the driver comfortable, while also feeling like a bigger car than what it is. 5.5L/100kms is easy to achieve too on the freeway.


However being European but Thai built i expected issues. And they did come. 2 new rear shock absorbers and a knock in the steering. These two issues were resolved very easily after explaining them to my dealer. (however a tyre shop pointed out the leaking shock absorbers to me, not ford at a recent service).

The other two issues i've have with the car has been a noise from the front end, sound like a mechanical rotating noise when turning corners. After 6-7 trips to the Ford dealer it was found to have warped brake discs. The other issue was a stalling issue on hot days with the A/C on. I asked my Ford dealer to look at it, their answer was "the computer shows nothing is wrong, you will need to show us doing it before we can do anything." I ended up taking the car to a new mechanic to try. Told him about the stalling and immediately he knew it was a dirty throttle body. After cleaning it for free at my service, this solved the issue. He didn't even drive it to work out the issue.

Both those basic issues could have been resolved with a bit of a mechanical mind. Obviously Ford don't hire those types of people.

I really do like the car and am happy to keep it. It has great power for this type of car, it can be great fun to drive, while not burning away at my wallet. Costs about $60 to fill from near empty with Premium 95 (will take E10 no problem) and around town i see between 6.5-7.5l/100kms. It even transports my mates with ease and takes myself camping as you'll see in the photos.

I would recommend this car to anyone (in manual form) however i wouldn't recommend using Ford's service department. As they really are not very good. Go use a reputable mechanic who has a brain and can keep your log books up to date and therefore the warranty.

I look forward to many years and kms of happy motoring with this car. Just clocked over 41000kms.