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2011 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo review

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I bought my 2011 XR6 Turbo from its mechanic owner two years ago with 70,000km on the odometer. It is my third FG but my first turbo. It's now my 'other' obsession and shares the garage with my GT MK1 Cortina. Both only come out to play on the weekends.

We have three sons and each is a little over 6ft tall. I never wanted an SUV or people mover, and the FGs have moved the family comfortably and safely over the years, and taught all three sons as learner drivers to appreciate the value of these spacious, comfortable and responsive sedans.

The colour is gunmetal, or Edge as it it's known, and this is the pick to me, but Nitro blue is a favourite and the orange is a good colour for a turbo as well.

I use the Falcon for my Brisbane trips. Effortless power coupled with a six-speed box, five-star safety, reliability and relatively good economy on highway drives depending on your driving mood at about 11.5 litres per 100km, but it may need a check tune to get it under 11. But really, who cares? I don't play golf or go to the movies, so I feed it 98 Optimax.

Why did we stop making these? With some basic tweaking and a tech tune, it became a 12-second car and puts out about 320kW. It puts a smile on my dial every time and readily gets the jump on most comparative vehicles.

You feel safe in these cars. They are sure-footed and balanced, yet maintain a level of practical simplicity across all features. I did source a set of 19-inch FPV rims and put a set of Bridgestone RE92s on it. I would like a set of Brembo six-pot discs, which will come, but the standard brakes still do the job very well with a set of quality pads. It's got an aftermarket sports exhaust system with a nice note, but not one of those annoyingly loud ones that reverberate back through the car and give you a headache.

The tech is 2011 and the ICC unit and screen display are LCD and are dated, but I may source a Series 2 version at some stage, as I'll be hanging onto Alison. It's just fun, and was made by Australians with this country's driving conditions in mind.

The interior is standard, and I had a Series 2 with the leather pack and actually prefer the cloth. It is robust, wears well and is easily cleaned if required. Be careful with the type of cleaner you use on on the gear and handbrake boots, as the fake leather can lift if you use anything harsh, and the factory replacements are expensive. In fact, most parts for FGs are expensive when compared with the likes of the BF Falcon, as they are the end of an era.

If you've ever considered getting yourself a collectible piece of affordable Australian motoring history, I can recommend the FG turbo to you. Collect a few spares along the way, keep the oil clean and just enjoy your weekends with something to muck around with in the shed that puts a smile on your dial.