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2011 Citroen C4 Seduction E-HDi Review

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I own a 2011 built C4 that was first registered in early 2012. This vehicle is a perfect city and weekend touring holiday car, its got lots of space in the back and for the passengers.

The comfort quality is excellent and its got all the electronics that one needs, electric windows front and back excellent 6 speaker stereo, Bluetooth, USB.

The EGS gearbox can be problematic for people that expect instant takeoff like a non electronic gearbox but with the EGS you have to learn how to drive it, its not a seat off your pants performance automatic and it takes its time to change into gears (but this depends on how hard you press down on the accelerator) but in saying all this you can put the gear selector into manual (M) and then you can use the paddle shifter as a 6 speed manual gearbox.

This turns the vehicle into quite a quick sports car with plenty of acceleration and speed with its 1560cc inter cooled turbocharged diesel engine which has plenty of horsepower and torque, it gets surprisingly quick.

I have done 45,000kms in my vehicle and have had no maintenance problems. this vehicle requires the usual 10,000km service with a change of oil filter, oil (use only synthetic oil of 5w-40, I use NULON oils).

The most amazing thing with this vehicle is it's economy l/100, I get 1250kms and the tank isn't even empty (I never ran the tank empty as it's not good for diesels to do so and it's quite a chore to re-bleed the lines if you do so) its got all the ergonomics that one needs and the quality of build is excellent.

I am very happy with my vehicle so far and this vehicle looks like it will last for a few more years to come.